Seed Production

Quality and reliability

When multiplying our vegetable seeds, we focus on top quality and strictly monitored conditions. For many years, we have worked on four continents with tried-and-trusted partners who guarantee the high quality of our products at local level. The pea, bean, edamame, sweetcorn or pole bean seeds are produced using state-of-the-art technology, before they are cleaned and, if necessary, treated, sampled, certified and packed.

Sales and multiplication planning

Good planning is a crucial factor for success, which is why van Waveren begins to plan as early as four years prior to large-scale multiplication. We first calculate the individual production requirements for each type of vegetable and the corresponding seed varieties and then specify the potential growing area in the individual growing regions. 

Our experienced propagation companies ensure reliable production of the stipulated seed quantities and qualities at the local multiplication site. The plans are carefully and continuously monitored throughout the entire production process to ensure that all deliveries are on schedule. Our product portfolio includes not only promising new breeds but also varieties which have proved successful for many years.

Multiplication and field production

In order to guarantee excellent seed qualities, it is important to observe high standards during multiplication. This means, for instance, ensuring sufficient distances between the multiplication sites of different varieties of any given crop to prevent the introduction of undesirable varietal traits into the seed stock. All stocks are therefore constantly and strictly monitored during the multiplication phase.

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After it is harvested, the raw material is cleaned and processed. Each individual processing stage is designed to treat the seeds as carefully as possible in order to protect the seedlings and guarantee maximum germination capacity. Our technical processes are adapted according to the type and size of seed.

Quality inspection

We undertake to supply our customers with vegetable seed of top quality. Accordingly, each batch is repeatedly inspected throughout the entire multiplication process. The germination capacity of the seeds is also determined in the course of these inspections.

Packaging and certification

Our seed production is handled in cooperation with many agricultural partners and processing companies all over the world. The treatment sites are regularly inspected and certified. 

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