Vegetable seed:
state-of-the-art plant breeding methods

We wish to supply our customers with exactly the seed varieties they need to meet their requirements. We offer seed that is adapted as far as possible to the climate and soil conditions of the different regions. Every year, we test new product lines in different climate zones before they are marketed. This ensures that our vegetable seeds deliver high yields and minimises the use of pesticides. 

Our corporate objective is to reflect state-of-the-art breeding technology at all times. To achieve that aim, we conduct ongoing research in close cooperation with universities and institutes all over Europe and constantly endeavour to enhance the yield and resistance of our vegetable seeds.

Wrinkled Peas

Pea seeds: resistant and robust

By cultivating multi-resistant pea seeds, we have succeeded in adapting our peas to the drastic change in climate conditions in many areas. Our breeding locations are in arid areas of Germany and thus provide the basis for pea seeds with highly stress-tolerant genes. Our breeding methods use genetic markers and speed breeding techniques to promote fast plant development.

Always the right choice 

Our pea seeds are robust and resistant to numerous diseases, such as viral diseases or fungal infections. Whether very early, maincrop or late pea varieties, we can supply the right seeds for all growing requirements. 

Grown all over Europe

Our breeding areas cover the whole of Europe, thus providing us with a sound database and extensive experience of highly different growing regions and their individual demands. This allows us to supply our customers with vegetable seeds that are optimised for their particular location, so that they not only deliver maximum yield and top qualities, but also minimise the use of pesticides. A large harvesting window also ensures more flexibility when planning planting and harvesting.

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Bush Beans

Bean seeds: wide variety and good yields  

van Waveren offers a wide range of bean seeds to satisfy the individual needs of our customers as exactly as possible. Our bean seeds ensure high yields, uniform growth and good disease resistance. The beans are also ideal for technical processing and many of our bean varieties are also suitable for organic cultivation. 

Choosing the right variety

As beans are highly sensitive to environmental effects, we offer our customers a wide range of products with extensive variations in terms of colour, size, shape and growing properties. With the help of a special image acquisition program, we continuously monitor various parameters, thus enabling us to offer top qualities.

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Pole Beans

Trusted partners: beans and corn

One of the oldest growing methods in the world is intercropping corn and beans. The corn benefits from the beans, which fix nitrogen in the soil, while the beans use the corn as a climbing support. 

After harvesting, the corn & bean mixture is used as high-quality silage in dairy farming or as a biogas plant for energy generation.

The corn-bean mix can be sown together in one stage. The late-ripening beans are ideally adapted to the corn and guarantee high yields and high protein content. Moreover, growing the two as a mixed crop rather than a monoculture has positive environmental effects, as the use of pesticides can be reduced.  


Sweetcorn seeds for all requirements 

van Waveren offers its customers an excellent portfolio of sweetcorn hybrids with robust plant species, where the focus is on high yield, a good recovery rate and top product quality. Our sweetcorn seeds are adapted to different locations and the corresponding harvesting windows. We have early, maincrop and late varieties, depending on the average annual heat summation at the site concerned. 

State-of-the-art plant breeding methods

Our European sweetcorn breeding programme is based in Germany and includes trials in the major European sweetcorn growing regions of Hungary and France. 

The breeding programme is aimed at the markets for processing and for fresh sweetcorn. Local breeding activities and state-of-the-art breeding methods serve as the basis for adapting the seeds to the target markets.


Healthy protein superfood

Some time ago, we added edamame to our plant protein products. These soybeans, which are harvested while still unripe, have a high nutrient content and are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. 

Key aspects of our edamame breeding programme are top quality seed and high yields. We develop both very early and medium early varieties for the European market.

Protein peas

Healthy proteins

There is high demand for plant protein in the market as an alternative to animal products. To meet that demand, we cultivate peas with particularly high protein content for human consumption. A central requirement is to ensure a neutral flavour so that these high-quality plant-based proteins are suitable for a wide range of products. Another important aspect is good technical processability as a basis for the subsequent production of isolates, concentrates and textured vegetable proteins (TVPs).

Innovative and sustainable

Quality, robustness, resistance, reliable yields and, of course, a high protein content are focal issues of our innovative breeding programme, which is why we combine marker technologies with speed breeding methods. In the interests of establishing regional and sustainable protein production, we test our production lines throughout Europe. 

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