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van Waveren

Plant breeding: experience & innovation
Our mission is to develop robust, high-yield and multi-resistant vegetable seed varieties. The van Waveren company has years of experience in this sector. Founded in 1898, van Waveren has offered its customers breeding, production, consulting and sales from one single source for over a century. We are market leaders in the breeding of top quality vegetable seeds.

Seeds: quality & inspection 
We breed, produce and supply a comprehensive range of pea seeds, as well as bean and sweetcorn seeds. Our product range also includes edamame and protein pea seeds for human consumption and pole bean seeds for interplanting with intercropping with silage corn for dairy production. Our vegetable varieties are optimised to match the different climate conditions in our target countries. Our multiplication sites are steadily increasing and we currently produce seeds on a total area of approx. 7500 hectares, spread over four continents. Our production processes undergo strict and comprehensive inspections to ensure that our customers receive only high quality seed.

Commitment & competence

Our company values close and constructive cooperation with our customers and partners, offering expert advice, direct communication channels and uncompromising commitment. Our extreme flexibility and intelligent logistics enable us to satisfy customer requests promptly. In our work, we bank on a smart mix of experience and new impetus to ensure we deliver the optimum combination of tried-and-tested and innovative products.

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Foundation by T. van Waveren in East Germany.
Transfer to West Germany
Takeover by KWS/Petoseed.
Management buy-out by B. Budke.
Moved to new facilities in Rosdorf/Göttingen
van Waveren becomes member of the DELEPLANQUE Group

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