Blue print for planting of peas

You may download a form for the individual planning or planting and the calculation of planting dates.

PDF "sowing plan"


The blue print for planting peas by computer supported programme: PROPEAS


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Aided central control of pea seed planting

PROPEAS is a programme for planning the sowing and growing of green peas.

One has to calculate back from the plant, the ideal harvesting day for green peas to ascertain the correct point of time for sowing.
For this purpose our computer programme “PROPEAS“ has been developed.
During the harvesting period – under Central European climatic conditions approx. 15 HU per day are accumulated. The difference must therefore be reached between 2 sowing dates during the sowing period to later achieve a 1 day difference in maturity.

How will this be calculated?
The sum of the relative difference in maturity time of 2 fields

  • is the addition of the relative maturity time of the variety in days
  • the difference of the earliness of the location in days
  • sowing date, i. e. difference in HU (whereas 15 HU for 1 day respectively are calculated)

In spring, the first sowing takes place as early as possible – weather and soil conditions permitting. After the first sowing (1. set) at least 15 HU must be reached, before the second sowing (2. set) can follow, and after that again 15 HU to the third sowing etc.. We call these sowing dates „sowing relays“, as always several fields must be planted at the same time.

Assuming a field shall be harvested on the 15th day of operation by the processor the calculation is as follows:

relative time of maturity of the variety, for ex. LAREX
= 6 days
relative earliness of location in relation
to the location 1st planted

= + 2 days

sequence of relay = 7 days
Result: day of harvest = 15

To calculate the date of sowing one would calculate:

Day of harvest
./. rel. day to maturity of variety 6
./. rel. earliness of field 2
Relay 7 !

This field must therefore be sown 6 x 15 HU = 90 HU (first relay) later than the 1st field sown on the earliest location with the relative time of maturity.

PROPEAS uses a formula to calculate correct sowing dates and number of batches.
Sequencing the number of relays required

The plan is to process peas in the plant for 32 days. How many different sowing dates are required?

difference of relative maturity time of the earliest and latest variety from the variety range to be planted
days difference in the earliness of the standard variety
relays are required (= various sowing dates with 15 HU difference respectively)