Pure Line Seeds, Inc.

Dave Bolingbroke and his family were the founders of Pure Line Seed Company in 1948, originally near Moscow, Idaho. Starting with only a dream over half a century ago, Dave built his company into a multi-national independent seed supplier, catering to the unique demands of individual customers who appreciate value.

Bolingbroke’s strategy to keep the company small and exclusive, responding to each customer’s needs is still a core value of the company today. Dave passed the company to his son Don Bolingbroke, and the company was later purchased by Dave’s son-in-law and daughter, Butch and Beverly Shaffer in 1992.

Over the years, a new facility was built at Warden, Washington, where Pure Line Seeds operates a seed warehouse, milling operation, and a large, irrigated research farm.

The world wide research program, directed by Richard Lowe has produced several patented snap bean, Italian bean, pea, sugar snap pea, and snow pea varieties.

The company was purchased on October 1, 2004 by Bill and Susan Pfeil. The new owners share a spirit of teamwork and employee ownership in the company, and intend to remain an industry leader for decades to come.

Since 2007 van Waveren Saaten GmbH has been commissioned as representative for all Pure Line Seed varieties in Europe.