What is Seed?

We sell the genetic characteristics of vegetables. Selling seed is one way of marketing this product. The specific nature of a variety during the growing period and especially towards harvest is among other things dependant on the seed value. This value is controlled by the genotype (genetic seed value) and environmental influences during the development of the seed on the mother plant and after harvest (somatic seed value).

The variety and the quality of maintenance breeding determine the genetic seed value.

The somatic seed value is impacted by a number of environmental influences (i.e. climatic conditions, water supply during the growing period, nutritional positioning of the seed on it's mother plant, its maturity, storage and its processing). The value of a harvested seed lot can only marginally be improved by technical means. The origin, together with expert production, are crucial.

Definition according to the German Saatgutverkehrsgesetz (seed act) (SaatG) of 16.07.2004

Standard seed

The term "Standard Seed of vegetables" is outlined in the "Verordnung über den Verkehr mit Saatgut landwirtschaftlicher Arten und von Gemüsearten (Saatgutverordnung - Saatgut V) of 08.02.2006". Accordingly peas must adhere to the following norms: minimum germination of 80%, maximum moisture content of 15%, technical minimum purity of 98% and a maximum contamination with other plant material in relation to weight in the region of 0,1% max. Within the contamination no combining peas are permitted.
The seed must not be infected with live mites, parasitic fungi or bacteria, and must also not be infected with live bruchus. When during testing an infection may be suspected. Bush- and climbing beans must have a minimum germination of 75%. All other criterias are the same as for peas.