van Waveren

In 1898 Theodorus van Waveren bought 2 pieces of farm land – 12 ha each – in Weissenfels, Sachsen-Anhalt, to build warehouses and offices for breeding, storage and seed processing.
Gustav Schramm, the breeder in charge at the time (1866-1934), was considered the foremost authority for pea varieties during his lifetime. His successor was Erwin Loerke (1910-1985) who established a world wide collection of varieties that originated from Persia, Afghanistan, Abessinia and other regions. He was the breeder of many varieties still well known today, among them the pea variety “Puttie”, the parent variety and likely the ancestress of all known wrinkled pea varieties of small sieve size.

In 1925 Frank van Waveren took over the Directorship of van Waveren.

Weissenfels is situated at the edge of a rain shadow area of the Harz mountains. The relatively low rainfall, combined with severe winters and various soil types have favoured the seed production in this region for the past 200 years. Today we are still using the fertile loess soil around Quedlinburg and Aschersleben extensively for seed production as well as for our main trial of several hundred pea and bean varieties and our new breeding lines.

After world war II. Frank van Waveren moved his company to Hannoversch Münden in Niedersachsen. In 1962, new buildings were erected in Rosdorf outside Göttingen. The new site included laboratories for experimental canning and freezing as well as freeze-drying. For the annual observation of breeding lines, 30 km of wire netting were set up in the fields which explains the extent of the pea breeding programme. After 1971, van Waveren became a subsidiary of the parent company, KWS Kleinwanzlebener Saatzucht AG. In 1991, van Waveren merged with Petoseed Inc., Saticoy, California, USA. And since 1996, van Waveren Saaten has been owned by Brotherton Seed Co., Moses Lake, Washington, USA, a company we have been working with on a friendly basis for decades.

In 2002, van Waveren Saaten changed its site to its present location in Göttingen, Rodeweg 20.

Since 2007, van Waveren also represents Pure Line Seeds Inc., Moscow, Idaho, USA, in Europe. With that representation, the variety spectrum has again been increased.