Packing of pea and bean seed

in 25 kg paper bags

disposal badge: Repasackzeichen Ernährung

in units of 100000 seeds

  • small seeded varieties are packed in bags with 2 units i.e.200000 seeds per bag
  • large seeded varieties are packed in bags with 1 unit, i.e.100000 seeds per bag


based on the calculation according to the 1000 seed weight a surcharge of 3% may be added, to cover the expenses for treatment applied

in 500 kg big bags

by special request of our large customers
These are poly propalene-container bags measuring 90x90x90 cm for a loading capacity of 1.000 kg. These bags have both easy filling and discharge spouts. In addition to the lifting straps at the corners 2 tunnel loops have been incorporated to ensure the safe transport of container bags at all times.