Green Peas are classified as wrinkled, round and sugar peas and are defined differently in various countries.
We differentiate as follows:

Wrinkled Peas

Wrinkled peas with a wrinkled seed coat and compound starch grains.

Round Peas

Round seeded peas with a smooth seed coat and simple starch grains

Sugar Peas

Sugar peas with no string or parchment in the pod and with simple or compound starch grains.

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Download of several PDF files:

germany - Erbsen Sortiment
uk - Range of peas
italy - Nostra gamma varietale di piselli
espana - Surtido de guisantes
hungary - Zöldborsó fajtaválasztek
poland - Asortyment grochów
france - Gamme de pois
turkish - Bezelye çeşitleri
serbia - Lista Sorti Graška u Ponudi

uk - Petit pois
france - Petit pois
hungary - Aprószemű zöldborsó kinálatunk

uk - Fresh peas